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July Newsletter

We’re looking ahead to spring at Ready Steady Play and all the joy it brings!  A huge thank you to Mitre10 Mega for their donation of four garden boxes, as well as $100 towards our gardens!



Reminders                          – Please remember to name all your child’s belongings, including lunchboxes, containers and drink bottles, and all clothing items.

                                                – Lost property baskets can be found in each of the centre foyers.  A reminder to regularly check these for your child’s belongings.

– Regardless of the weather forecast, please bring a warm jacket, hat and gumboots every day.  Even when not raining the ground can be very wet, and the wind is chilling.

Absences                             It’s very helpful to us if parents let us know if children will be away, and the reason (in case of infectious illness).  Please either phone, text or email us:

                                                – landline             383 8352

– cell                       021 179 3840

– email                  office@readysteadyplay.co.nz  

Please take one                Our children’s library is overflowing!  There will soon be a spot in the office where surplus books will be left for families to take home.  Feel free to use this as often as you like.


Te Reo Māori                                                            

Mahi Māra – Gardening


– garden


– kākano


– to plant


– seedling


– growing


– vegetable


– fruit


– harvest


What’s for lunch?                              

Homemade (healthier) Sausage Rolls from www.nadialim.com  


12 good-quality sausages

4 plain or flavoured wraps

40 grams butter, melted

2 tbls sesame seeds

chutney or tomato sauce to serve



1.       Squeeze the filling out of the sausage casings into a bowl. Smoosh it all together with your hands.

2.       Lay out the wraps and divide the sausage meat between them. Shape meat into a log across each wrap about a quarter of the way up from bottom.

3.       Brush the top half of the wrap with butter. Roll the wrap up firmly, enclosing the meat to form a log. Brush each log with butter and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

4.       Preheat oven to 180°C. Chill sausage rolls for 20 minutes, then cut each log into about five evenly sized pieces and place on a lined baking tray.

5.       Bake rolls for about 20 minutes or until wrap is golden and the filling is set and cooked through.

6.       Serve the warm sausage rolls with chutney or tomato sauce.

Programme Planning

Toitoi.jpg Toitoi

Our programme continues to be based on supporting all the children’s explorative dispositions.  There have been different experiences on offer, including baking, body painting and playdough, alongside the day to day opportunities such as climbing and books, which continue to be of strong interest to many friends.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new friends Isla, Skyla, Reuben and their whānau.

Ava, Harper, Willow and Iola-Jane will all be transitioning to te rūma Nīkau in the coming weeks.  We will miss you all and look forward to watching you grow from across the fence.




Te rūma Nīkau have been busy displaying their creativity this month through a range of experiences.  Educators have been providing several opportunities for the children to engage in, and confidently express themselves.  Music has been very popular amongst all the children, and this has included several songs from other cultures, which the children excitedly dance to.

We have also had parents come in to share parts of their cultures with the children, which has been thoroughly enjoyed.

We welcome Darius, Lowen, Mackenzie and their whānau to te rūma Nīkau, and to Ready Steady Play.  Linken, Marley and Kora have recently joined us from the Toitoi room, and we welcome them also.



The Horoeka room is continuing to focus on exploration.  The children have been using many open-ended resources to explore with and to extend their creativeness.

We have welcomed Mason, Angel and their respective whānau to the centre, as well as AJ and Rozae who have recently transitioned from te rūma Nīkau.  Another group of children from the Nīkau room have been playing us regularly, practising for their upcoming transitions to te rūma Horoeka.  We have also farewelled Nina, who is going on an overseas adventure with her whānau.

If you have any, would love some “Pump” (or similar) bottles with lids for an activity in our room.




Te rūma Kauri recently sang ‘Happy School Days’ to Esther, Sienna, Phoenix, Max and Molly, and also farewelled Kahu and his family who have temporarily moved overseas.  A big ‘nau mai, haere mai’ to Hunter and his whānau who are newcomers to Ready Steady Play.

The Kauri room’s current focus is based around supporting children’s creative dispositions.  This creativity is highlighted through a range of areas within the environment, including blocks, playdough, the sandpit, role play, and art. Māori



If you have any queries regarding the matters raised in this newsletter (or any others), our staff are always happy to help.


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Contact: Chantelle Forster
Phone: 03 383 8352
Email: office@readysteadyplay.co.nz