About our Centre

This page includes information about our facilities, local community, ratios and latest ERO reports.

Our facilities

Our early learning centre is divided into four areas which reflect the interests, abilities, and stages of the children who occupy them.  Equipment, activities and interactions invite participation and facilitate meaningful experiences.  Each room is given a title which refers to the name of native flora purposely reflecting the characteristics of the children within the room.

The centre’s open plan design provides flexibility for the children to mix and mingle, with many opportunities for siblings to pop in and spend time together.  Close connections between the rooms facilitate meaningful relationships between all centre members (staff, children and their whänau) which, in turn, promotes the transition between each room as a natural progression.

Each room has its own outdoor play space, landscaped to incorporate features of the natural world, setting the stage for open-ended and multi-sensory learning opportunities.  Educators at Ready Steady Play and Babies place great value on this approach to children’s learning as it inspires problem solving, imagination and creativity, evoking the true spirit of the child.

Our vision – a home away from home

Where children always want to be and are creating memories as they learn through play – this will lead them on a pathway of lifelong success.

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