October Newsletter

Welcome to our first newsletter since the change of ownership!

Everything seems to be humming along since the changeover, and we thank you for your patience and continued support over this time. As always, please feel free to approach staff if you have any feedback, queries or concerns.

There’s quite a bit to catch everyone up on, so this month, we’ll be focusing on the important information all
parents and caregivers need to be aware of.

While centre has retained its’ operational processes, many of our policies have changed. Some of these are currently being reviewed by both the centre and Support Office, and we will let you know when they are available for parents and caregivers to view. As always, we invite your comments, feedback and suggestions at any time.

Our new email address for general enquiries is office@readysteadyplay.co.nz. Emails sent to our previous address are currently being diverted to the new one. Please update your records.

Cell phone
The centre’s new cell phone number is 021 179 384. Feel free to text in any absences etc. As our office is not staffed in the afternoons, please continue to phone in messages after 2pm.

Enrolment forms

New enrolment forms were distributed during the first few weeks of September, however we are yet to receive a
number of these. All children must be re-enrolled with the centre, so please bring these back in as soon as possible,
being sure to include your signature in all necessary sections.

It’s that time of year again. As we have made parents aware, the centre now provides sunblock. Please make sure
you’ve returned your sunblock permission slip to enable staff to apply this after lunch.

ID Documents & Immunisation Records
Please ensure we have a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport on file, and that we have sighted their most
up to date immunisation certificate.

Invoices are now issued on a weekly basis, and will show fees owing to the end of the previous week.

The new Fees Policy states that if fees are owing for more than three weeks of arrears your child’s enrolment will be
terminated. Please keep on top of your payments to ensure your booking is not affected.

Bond refunds
As mentioned, bonds are no longer payable, and therefore all bonds that were being held have now been credited to parent fee accounts. If you believe you have paid a bond that has not been credited on a recent invoice, please query this with Telena.
If your fees are fully covered by 20 Hours ECE, and your account is now in credit due to a bond refund, please email us your account details. These will be forwarded to our Support Office for your repayment to be processed.

The rule is that “a child’s attendance must match their enrolment agreement (enrolment form) for at least half (i.e. 50 per cent or more) of each calendar month.”

The Frequent Absence Rule must be applied in these three situations:
1. when a child is absent on the same enrolled day or days of the week for more than half of these days in a calendar month;
E.g. There are 5 Mondays in October this year. If your child is enrolled to attend on Mondays, they must attend for at least 3 of those Mondays in the month to avoid breaching the rule. After the third month of continued breach, the centre is obligated to cancel your Monday booking.
2. when a child attends for fewer days per week than they are enrolled to attend, in more than half of the weeks in a calendar month;
E.g. There are 4 weeks in October. If your child is enrolled for 3 days per week, but attends for only 1 or 2 days during more than 2 weeks of the month, the rule has been breached. After the third month of continued breach, your child’s days will be reduced to reflect attendance.
3. when a child attends fewer hours than they are enrolled to attend, on a daily basis, on more than half of their enrolled days in a calendar month.
E.g. If your child is booked from 9am – 3pm, however arrives at 9.30 or later, and/or leaves at 2.30pm or earlier on more than half of their usual days in any month, the rule has been breached. After the third month of continued breach, your child’s hours will be reduced to reflect attendance.

Public holidays

The centre will be closed on Monday 23 October (Labour Day) and Friday 17 November (Show Day).

Christmas Holidays
Please carefully read, complete and return the attached Christmas Holidays notice, no later than Thursday 16th
November. We realise this is early however it allows the centre time to determine staffing needs over the
Christmas/New Year period, and process staff leave applications. The notice includes closure dates and amended
operating hours over this period.

A reminder that funding for your child (including 20 Hours ECE and WINZ childcare subsidy payments) will cease after 3 continued weeks of absence, which includes public holidays. Please take this into consideration when planning your holidays, as full fees will be charged if children are absent for longer than 3 weeks.

If your child turns 5 at the end of this year, or beginning of 2018, you are welcome to continue your preschool enrolment until school starts for the year. Their 20 Hours ECE funding will continue, however if you receive a WINZ subsidy, this will cease after 28 calendar days.

Our outdoor areas are to be upgraded in the very near future, and we have tractor & car tyres, and cable reels to give away. Please signal interest in these with your child’s educator, and we’ll let you know when they’re available to pick up.

That’s all for now folks. If you have any queries regarding the matters raised in this newsletter (or any others), our staff are always happy to help.

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