July – August Newsletter

If you haven’t taken a look at our Facebook page yet, it’s a great source of information for parents and families.  We share many of happenings from each room of the centre, as well as parenting information, early childhood development info, upcoming community events etc.  Remember to give us a ‘like’ when you visit our page.

Ngä mihi nui – Many thanks!

Leanne Anderson for the spare clothing and resources  –  Carren McDonald for the spare clothing

Vicky Hudson for the plastic bags  –  Katie Donaldson for the plastic bags and collage  resources

Kylie Stanley for the sewing repairs to our laundry bags  –  Owen Gibson for the carpentry wood

Thanks to all your kind donations of egg cartons and spare clothing our stocks are now fully replenished.
We will let you know when we’re running low again.


Have you named ALL your child’s belongings?
This includes your child’s bag, clothing, shoes or gumboots, lunchbox & containers, drink bottle, hat, jacket – ANYTHING and EVERYTHING they bring to preschool. With all the children at the centre it’s impossible for staff to keep track of each child’s belongings.

Have you packed enough spare clothing for your child?
Please pack at least 2 COMPLETE changes of clothing for your child EVERY DAY. This includes socks, underwear, tops, jerseys/sweatshirts, trousers/skirts & tights, etc. If your child is toilet training they may need more spare clothing each day.

Scrap ribbon      –     We’d like to top up our collection of scrap ribbon. If you have any spare, the children would put it to great use!

Te Reo Mäori

Ngā Rā o te Wiki – The Days of the Week

Rāhina – Monday

Rātū – Tuesday

Rāapa – Wednesday

Rāpare – Thursday

Rāmere – Friday

Rāhoroi – Saturday

Rātapu – Sunday

What’s for lunch?

Dips are great for lunchboxes! Team with vege sticks or crackers, stir it through pasta, use it as a salad dressing, or include it in a sandwich for another level of flavour…… Dips are versatile, delicious and the possibilities are endless!

These quick ideas are from the latest Public Health Nursing Service newsletter.
Blend together:
a) Frozen minted peas and a spoonful of plain yoghurt
b) A can of beetroot with some plain yoghurt
c) A can of drained and rinsed chickpeas, a clove of garlic, lemon juice and a little oil

From www.kidspot.com.au:
a) Place a tin (435g) refried beans with chilli, and 250g cream cheese in a bowl. Microwave on high for 30 seconds, then whisk mixture together till well combined.
b) Drain a 185g can of tuna in springwater, and place in a food processor with 220g cream cheese, 2 spring onions and 2 tbsp lemon juice. Pulse till well combined.

From www.kidspot.co.nz:
a) Mix together 125g spreadable cream cheese, with 90g vanilla yoghurt. Serve with fruit kebabs or pieces.
b) In a bowl, mix together 1 cup sour cream, ½ cup mayonnaise, ½ teaspoon mustard, 2 drops of Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper.


Resources needed – anything from this list will be appreciated

 Please note we are not able to use polystyrene due to safety issues.
 We are especially in need of the items in bold

buttons  –  zips  –  ribbon  –  lace  –  beads  –  plastic bottles  –  icecream containers  –  non-toxic plants/seedlings  –  cotton reels  –  old candles  –  wrapping paper  –  cards  –  small boxes (e.g. toothpaste, tea bags etc)  – stickers  –  cellophane  –  cardboard  –  cardboard tubes  –  shells  –  driftwood  –  straws  –  corks  –  string  –  wool  –  carpentry wood  –  nails  –  plant pots  –  seeds  –  pegs  –  preserving rings

Programme Planning


Toitoi – Sophie & Hayley

Welcome to our new additions, Theo, Beau, Sebastian, Logan and Linken, and their families.

Recently the Toitoi children have been enjoying music, which is offered at spontaneous times throughout the day. The children challenge themselves to do the actions for the songs, and enjoy listening to the music. This has allowed the children to socialise with other children and develop friendships.



Nīkau – Nerida & Nicole 

The Nīkau children have recently been sharing their creativity and interest in music. These are still amongst the favourite experiences for the children as they are given the opportunity to create art and become involved in musical experiences on a daily basis. The children have all been eagerly involved, each in their own way, sharing great self-expression and enthusiasm as they interpret the variety of resources and music differently.

Welcome to Mia, Maddy and Gurleen who have recently joined te rūma Nīkau. We look forward to getting to know you and your whānau.

HoroekaHoroeka – Sharon, Naoko & Francie

Welcome, Jack E & whānau to the centre and the Horoeka room.

The children continue to have strong common interests in creativity, sensory play, role play, and transport, which has allowed for new friendships to develop within the room. They are also very keen to participate in our new group time programme and board stories.



Kauri – Kirsten & Chantelle

We have recently sung ‘Happy School Days’ to Breana, Mackenzie and Layla.

In the Kauri room, creativity is highlighted at the moment as an area of interest for many children, with some amazing creations and constructions taking place!

The children are also enjoying our new mat time programme we have introduced.

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