Early childhood education centre in Burwood Christchurch

Ready Steady Play is an early childhood education centre in Burwood, Christchurch. Firmly established since 2000, we are dedicated to providing top quality care for families in our community, offering a playful and nurturing environment to children in our centre. In 2004, the preschool was extended to include four separate areas.  This makes our centre unique among childcare providers, enabling us to provide environments that initiate experiences significant to different ages and stages of your child’s development.

Our vision – a home away from home

Where children always want to be and are creating memories as they learn through play – this will lead them on a pathway of lifelong success.

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Te Rüma Toitoi – The Toitoi Room

                    A soft and delicate grass we thought suited the babies.                    


Te Rüma Nïkau – The Nïkau Room

The only palm native to Aotearoa/New Zealand is very special like our toddlers.


Te Rüma Horoeka – The Horoeka Room

A unique small tree that changes dramatically as the tree matures, just like our younger over two children.

Te Rüma Kauri – The Kauri Room

One of the world’s mightiest trees reflecting our strong and remarkable older over two children.


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